Calf Sleeve
Calf Sleeve
Calf Sleeve

Calf Sleeve

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These are a great compression item for athletes such as runners, basketball players, football players and more.  Calf Sleeve help the blood circulate better from the calf to the toes and on up throughout the entire leg. 

And now that you can sublimate that, they will be nice produce addition to your sublimation line!

You can sublimate the entire thing or keep it white and do a partial sublimation.  

Material: 85% Polyester, 15% spandex

Available in 2 sizes.
S/M is recommended for youth: 4.5" wide x 12" tall
L/XL is recommended for adults: 4.75" wide x 11.75" tall
Note: This item is sold per piece, not by the pair.